NYC American Youth Football League

Youth Football League for Teams and Programs based in NYC. If you run a Youth Football Club or Program and want to join the League, contact us. 


About us

Why a new league

In the fall of 2020, as the pandemic hit the United States badly again, it was the tragic death of a young man who inspired us to build this League and to move forward – giving young men and women a chance to play the game we all love. 

American Football has been sharpening young people to character commitment and community courage for over a century. It was with that spirit that we formed den New York City American Youth Football League. 

The most vital objective of the League is to facilitate the training for football and the betterment of young people. 

Our League is based on education first to fulfill a more significant use and create unity and understanding of diversity among all kinds. 

League Mission

Our program’s mission is to provide the youth in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut an opportunity to develop talents and skills they will use today and later on in life, both on and off the field.  We believe that team sports are a positive way to foster racial harmony, community integration and infuse the ideals of placing the team’s goal in front of the individual’s goal. Our first attitudes are discarded and replaced by an ethic of teamwork and a firm commitment to positive group interaction through individual character development. 

We believe that team sports generally and football offers explicitly individuals the chance to build character, self-esteem, and team values by increasing a child’s desire to strive for individual excellence while contributing to the team as a whole.

Our philosophy is that football is an allegory for life. We feel that learning to overcome the adversity one faces on the football field emotionally prepares an individual for the adversity he may face later on in life. As coaches and mentors, we feel that it is incumbent upon us to help children grow into well-rounded young adults and coach football. 


League Rules

We follow the National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS) Rules.  Our Bylaws Rules & Regulations are for download HERE!

Any questions? Want to tell us something or get in touch? Drop us a message.