Tackle Youth Football Online Registration

Practice Days and Location
Practice days depending on Team during pre-Season 5:45-8 PM during the week, mornings on Saturdays for Teams Bantam and Intermediate (Intros).  Game Season: TBD Games on the Weekend, for all Teams. Practice Location: East River Park, E-Houston st and FDR Drive

Season Fee  – (Sept. till mid-Nov.)
Full Season FEE: $ 470 ($460+$10 Handling Fee.) + Paypal/CashApp Fee.

You can make a full season fee or registration fee payment at the end of the form using a Credit or Debit Card. Alternatively, you can pay by sending Money via $CashApp to #NYCLIONS or pay in person with cash or a check on the field on announced practice days. 

We can offer an installment plan. Send message to Susann 

Payment Requirement
A minimum payment of $281 (Registration fee +$10 Handling Fee.) + Paypal/CashApp Fee. ) is required to join the practice and complete registration. 

Equipment Release Requirement
 Deposit of $ 150 required to get Equipment; returned if in good condition at least 3 days after we got the Equipment back
– We must have received a minimum Season Fee payment of $281 on the day of the Equipment hand-out

Non-payment Player Exclusion 
Players who didn’t have paid the entire season fee by Oct. 3rd will be excluded after one week. We cannot maintain our program if payments are not made.

Age Requirements for Teams
Players can not turn age in the calendar year! Samples: The player wants to join PeeWee Team but is turning 13 in 2021. Bantams can’t turn 15 in 2021. Solution: Chose the next age group.
Important for Intermediate Team: Player is 17years old but turning 18 in 2021 – can’t join any team

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Registration Fees of $281 can NOT be refunded as we incur several costs to register players. If the full Season Fee is paid, we refund max. 35% of your payment, if you cancel within two weeks of registration and only if it’s before the first game or scrimmage is played. There are no refunds after the third joined season practice, after the first game, or scrimmage is played. Refunds will only be processed once we receive all equipment that was loaned out and is in proper condition. There will be no refunds if a player is removed from the team for violating the code of conduct, team rules, and/or league rules, or missing season fee payments8



East River Park at E Houston Street and FDR

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